sábado, 1 de marzo de 2014

He killed his brother for a discussion of football /

Police work to catch a man who escaped after shooting her brother and cause death.

A man murdered in a shot at his brother after an argument about football in the House of the victim, in Manga.

According to the La Republica newspaper, the incident took place early on Friday when the two brothers were watching television with their wives in the domicile of the deceased.

"At some point an argument between two men originated by football-related issues" that "was rising tone" until the visitor left the home and called his brother to that continue you.

Outside the dwelling it fired a shot in the chest with a revolver caliber 22.

"After the brutal attack, the author withdrew hastily House next to your partner" and is still wanted by police.

Although other family members of the wounded man was taken to an emergency centre, the doctors could not help that he died.

Members of the section 18 of Montevideo police already have "fully identified the murderer and his capture could be a moment to another, not ruling out that the sought is brought before the competent justice".

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Father Francisco club is ready for his historic debut

On the eve of the first anniversary of the assumption of Jorge Bergoglio, club sports and Social father Francisco launches today its official clothing and ready for its debut in the local League, with the intention of fostering a social work inspired by the Argentine Pontiff.

After their 6-0 thrashing to the 894 FC, the papal inspiration set released this Saturday his clothes in a match against the combined of Argentino de Quilmes, in the Buenos Aires town of Bernal, where was defeated 3 - 0.

The meeting is the prior to his official League debut, scheduled for March 22 in Luján, sixth division of the Argentine League Championship, involving 17 teams.

Founded last October, the club was recorded in the Argentine football association (AFA) in December and is identified with the neighborhood of San Francisco Solano, about twenty kilometers to the South of the city of Buenos Aires.

Its President, Jorge Ramírez, argues that the main objective of this club "is a social work". "I don't mind the money, I want to show a transparency that does not exist in Argentine football and I intend to that essence is not never lost," he added.

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The drug did not party

The drug did not party

In Mar del Plata, the police managed to thwart a band that was going to sell narcotics in an electronic celebration in Villa Lugano. 25 people were arrested and were seized pills of ecstasy, LSD, marijuana, Crystal ACE and cocaine capsules.

The police of the province of Buenos Aires, through the illicit drug delegation of Mar del Plata, arrested 25 people who had large amount of narcotic drugs to be marketed in the Federal Capital.

The arrests occurred in this seaside resort, in calle Colón between Pampa and San Juan, as a result of a long-standing investigation, which allowed to establish that a group of people trying to move in a collective and a combi, all kinds of illegal substances to be consumed in a so-called electronic ASOT 650 party that in the night of Saturday in Villa Lugano.

After intercept vehicles in question, managed to detain 17 men and 8 women, elderly, seized those pills of ecstasy, micro doses of LSD, marijuana, Crystal ACE and cocaine capsules.

It is involved in the cause, the U.F.I. theme of narcotic drugs of Mar del Plata, carried out by Dr. Marcelo Blanco

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miércoles, 19 de febrero de 2014

Kate Upton in a gravity-defying production for the i

The model performed the original photo shoot for Sports Illustrated, which was exposed to zero gravity in a plane specially designed for astronauts practices intended to travel into space.

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Book: River Plate 6-0 Godoy Cruz

Francescoli party attended the Reserve, which thrashed 6-0 at Godoy Cruz in Ezeiza. Gio scored three goals, while Andrada and Tomi Martinez made two remaining. Matías Sánchez attended the party.
It was a perfect morning on the campus of Ezeiza. The River Reserve, with Gustavo Zapata and Ariel Ortega, Godoy Cruz was measured by the twenty-second day of the championship, and La Banda thrashed by Mendoza 6-0.
The Millionaire kids excelled in the presence of Enzo Francescoli, who attended with Guillermo Rivarola to see the promises of the Most Great. pastillas para adelgazar They were also looking attentive and Alberto Escudero Marcelo Montes (goalkeeping coach).
That have shone two lost their place in First: Giovanni Simeone and Federico Andrada. While Fernando Cavenaghi and Teófilo Gutiérrez try oiling the perfect pair of attack, juveniles were responsible for scoring five goals.
River reached 35 points and was 5 of Rosario Central, the leader. Gio scored three goals, while the remaining two did Andrada. Simeone opened the bajar de peso scoring and then expanded with the third goal and fifth, while Tomás Martínez gave final figures for the match.
Chichizola; Federico Vega Cabrera Leandro Vega, Urribarri; Rojas, Agüero Matías Sánchez (debuted as a starter), Martinez, Andrada and Simeone were eleven Chapo and put the boot Burrito. Then Juan Rodríguez joined, and Kaprof Driussi.
With this win, the Greatest reached 35 points in 21 games played and was a 5 leader, Rosario Central
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martes, 18 de febrero de 2014

Kalyani offers modernized BMP-2 from India

India's Kalyani Group presented at Defexpo 2014 defense exhibition in India, a solution to improve the BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles with Russian-made new armor and firepower. The BMP-2 enhanced Kalyani has new front, side, rear skirt and passive and reactive armor and a cannon Samson Raphael Israeli-made Mk II mounted on top of the vehicle. The company offers a low cost solution to improve the basic variant of the BMP-2 with a new armor.
The front, rear and side part of the vehicle are equipped with passive and reactive armor to increase protection against modern threats on the battlefield as piercing rounds, IEDs and RPG (Rocket-propelled Granada). With its Israeli partner Rafael, India cursos gratuitos Company has integrated weapon station RAFAEL Samson Mk2 unmanned remote. The new turret is lighter than the original turret of BMP-2 which reduces the cursos online weight of the vehicle and increases vehicle interior. Like its predecessor, Samson Mk II is a dual axis, gyro-stabilized system-sight weapons (gunner and commander) remotely capable of mounting multiple weapons. Samson Rafael turret Mk II is mounted on the Kalyani updated BMP-2 is armed with 30mm cannon and two automatic ATK launchers Spike cursos gratis LR anti-tank missiles. The SPIKE-LR have a link data communication optical fiber gunner provides the unique ability to attack hidden agenda, update or change to a more valuable target after launch, achieving pinpoint accuracy, avoid friendly fire, wear out the assessment of monitoring /damage, and get real-time tactical intelligence.
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Heynckes puts Messi to the height of Maradona and Pele

Jupp Heynckes gave an interview to FIFA.com spoke to the players who have opted in 2013 for the Golden Ball and especially showed great admiration for the figure of Leo Messi, to whom I put the height of Maradona or Pele . MESSI

"Messi is a genius at the height of Maradona and Pele."

RIBERY "Franck Ribery has become a team player in the past two years with Bayern. Their individual qualities, both to serve as assistance for scoring goals, are impressive, but may not reach the level of Messi and Cristiano." COMPARISON BETWEEN THE PLAYERS 70 AND CURRENT

"Everyone has their time. Makes no sense to compare that time with today. I reckon if today, and the current conditions of training, there was a Rummenigue a Beckenbauer a Müller or Netzer, would play just as well and would also some fantastic players. can not compare different eras.'s why it's very difficult to say who was the best of all time. Maradona or Pele, Messi or Zidane ... And let's not forget Cruyff. were all great players. "

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