sábado, 1 de marzo de 2014

He killed his brother for a discussion of football /

Police work to catch a man who escaped after shooting her brother and cause death.

A man murdered in a shot at his brother after an argument about football in the House of the victim, in Manga.

According to the La Republica newspaper, the incident took place early on Friday when the two brothers were watching television with their wives in the domicile of the deceased.

"At some point an argument between two men originated by football-related issues" that "was rising tone" until the visitor left the home and called his brother to that continue you.

Outside the dwelling it fired a shot in the chest with a revolver caliber 22.

"After the brutal attack, the author withdrew hastily House next to your partner" and is still wanted by police.

Although other family members of the wounded man was taken to an emergency centre, the doctors could not help that he died.

Members of the section 18 of Montevideo police already have "fully identified the murderer and his capture could be a moment to another, not ruling out that the sought is brought before the competent justice".

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