martes, 18 de febrero de 2014

Kalyani offers modernized BMP-2 from India

India's Kalyani Group presented at Defexpo 2014 defense exhibition in India, a solution to improve the BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles with Russian-made new armor and firepower. The BMP-2 enhanced Kalyani has new front, side, rear skirt and passive and reactive armor and a cannon Samson Raphael Israeli-made Mk II mounted on top of the vehicle. The company offers a low cost solution to improve the basic variant of the BMP-2 with a new armor.
The front, rear and side part of the vehicle are equipped with passive and reactive armor to increase protection against modern threats on the battlefield as piercing rounds, IEDs and RPG (Rocket-propelled Granada). With its Israeli partner Rafael, India cursos gratuitos Company has integrated weapon station RAFAEL Samson Mk2 unmanned remote. The new turret is lighter than the original turret of BMP-2 which reduces the cursos online weight of the vehicle and increases vehicle interior. Like its predecessor, Samson Mk II is a dual axis, gyro-stabilized system-sight weapons (gunner and commander) remotely capable of mounting multiple weapons. Samson Rafael turret Mk II is mounted on the Kalyani updated BMP-2 is armed with 30mm cannon and two automatic ATK launchers Spike cursos gratis LR anti-tank missiles. The SPIKE-LR have a link data communication optical fiber gunner provides the unique ability to attack hidden agenda, update or change to a more valuable target after launch, achieving pinpoint accuracy, avoid friendly fire, wear out the assessment of monitoring /damage, and get real-time tactical intelligence.

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