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Mendoza adopted a Tucumán old

The 66 year old man is mentally retarded and calls her "Mom." They met when he was working swallow.

Giaquinta Mafalda is the protagonist of a story of solidarity that moves since adopted a man, 66, with mental retardation.

The native woman Mendoza told Cadena 3 in Salvador Acosta who met 20 years ago, when this man came tucumano with a crew of workers swallow. Remember that defended him ridicule from harvesters.

When the owners of the place became ill and he had to leave little room paid him, Mafalda decided to give a shelter on your property. But some family members feared the man was dangerous for her three children were still small and placed a complaint in court. Then a cousin gave Mafalda accommodation and when he died, he returned to his eternal journey from house to house in The Grove.

Mafalda helped him as he could, and on one occasion, he sought to give him a pair of shoes and found in a total state of abandonment. Thus, fearing for his life, he decided, with his new partner, new parents become Tucuman.

Salvador lives in the house with the family of Mafalda, who is "Mom", as specialists indicate that man has a mental age of 3 to 4 years.

"It's great, often get jealous of my children," said the woman on the behavior of her new son.

Also told: "The day I started doing the paperwork at the courthouse asked me if I could say 'mama' and I said yes."

"He was all right, too battered by life and maybe someone asks you a question and get offended," he said.

"You have to understand, he will remain a child," he said.

Mafalda noted that joint action is something that runs in the family. "My mother has done the same with other people and my dad took my house at a premium of 13 who was orphaned and did not want anyone," he recalled.

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