miércoles, 19 de febrero de 2014

Kate Upton in a gravity-defying production for the i

The model performed the original photo shoot for Sports Illustrated, which was exposed to zero gravity in a plane specially designed for astronauts practices intended to travel into space.

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Book: River Plate 6-0 Godoy Cruz

Francescoli party attended the Reserve, which thrashed 6-0 at Godoy Cruz in Ezeiza. Gio scored three goals, while Andrada and Tomi Martinez made two remaining. Matías Sánchez attended the party.
It was a perfect morning on the campus of Ezeiza. The River Reserve, with Gustavo Zapata and Ariel Ortega, Godoy Cruz was measured by the twenty-second day of the championship, and La Banda thrashed by Mendoza 6-0.
The Millionaire kids excelled in the presence of Enzo Francescoli, who attended with Guillermo Rivarola to see the promises of the Most Great. pastillas para adelgazar They were also looking attentive and Alberto Escudero Marcelo Montes (goalkeeping coach).
That have shone two lost their place in First: Giovanni Simeone and Federico Andrada. While Fernando Cavenaghi and Teófilo Gutiérrez try oiling the perfect pair of attack, juveniles were responsible for scoring five goals.
River reached 35 points and was 5 of Rosario Central, the leader. Gio scored three goals, while the remaining two did Andrada. Simeone opened the bajar de peso scoring and then expanded with the third goal and fifth, while Tomás Martínez gave final figures for the match.
Chichizola; Federico Vega Cabrera Leandro Vega, Urribarri; Rojas, Agüero Matías Sánchez (debuted as a starter), Martinez, Andrada and Simeone were eleven Chapo and put the boot Burrito. Then Juan Rodríguez joined, and Kaprof Driussi.
With this win, the Greatest reached 35 points in 21 games played and was a 5 leader, Rosario Central
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martes, 18 de febrero de 2014

Kalyani offers modernized BMP-2 from India

India's Kalyani Group presented at Defexpo 2014 defense exhibition in India, a solution to improve the BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles with Russian-made new armor and firepower. The BMP-2 enhanced Kalyani has new front, side, rear skirt and passive and reactive armor and a cannon Samson Raphael Israeli-made Mk II mounted on top of the vehicle. The company offers a low cost solution to improve the basic variant of the BMP-2 with a new armor.
The front, rear and side part of the vehicle are equipped with passive and reactive armor to increase protection against modern threats on the battlefield as piercing rounds, IEDs and RPG (Rocket-propelled Granada). With its Israeli partner Rafael, India cursos gratuitos Company has integrated weapon station RAFAEL Samson Mk2 unmanned remote. The new turret is lighter than the original turret of BMP-2 which reduces the cursos online weight of the vehicle and increases vehicle interior. Like its predecessor, Samson Mk II is a dual axis, gyro-stabilized system-sight weapons (gunner and commander) remotely capable of mounting multiple weapons. Samson Rafael turret Mk II is mounted on the Kalyani updated BMP-2 is armed with 30mm cannon and two automatic ATK launchers Spike cursos gratis LR anti-tank missiles. The SPIKE-LR have a link data communication optical fiber gunner provides the unique ability to attack hidden agenda, update or change to a more valuable target after launch, achieving pinpoint accuracy, avoid friendly fire, wear out the assessment of monitoring /damage, and get real-time tactical intelligence.
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Heynckes puts Messi to the height of Maradona and Pele

Jupp Heynckes gave an interview to FIFA.com spoke to the players who have opted in 2013 for the Golden Ball and especially showed great admiration for the figure of Leo Messi, to whom I put the height of Maradona or Pele . MESSI

"Messi is a genius at the height of Maradona and Pele."

RIBERY "Franck Ribery has become a team player in the past two years with Bayern. Their individual qualities, both to serve as assistance for scoring goals, are impressive, but may not reach the level of Messi and Cristiano." COMPARISON BETWEEN THE PLAYERS 70 AND CURRENT

"Everyone has their time. Makes no sense to compare that time with today. I reckon if today, and the current conditions of training, there was a Rummenigue a Beckenbauer a Müller or Netzer, would play just as well and would also some fantastic players. can not compare different eras.'s why it's very difficult to say who was the best of all time. Maradona or Pele, Messi or Zidane ... And let's not forget Cruyff. were all great players. "

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martes, 11 de febrero de 2014

Maduro find the ultimate solution to the shortage

In meeting to address issues pertaining to the Law of Fair Prices, Nicolas Maduro gave a measure to combat the shortage in the country. The chief executive said he had to "turn down the end consumer." "You have to" turn down the end consumer to achieve the equilibrium point of supply and the right price. I trust the working majority of this country, the working class and the business class, I tell them we're going to create a new internal economic order, "he reflected. Subsequently, Maduro reiterated his message and this time used the example when shopping for products. "Neither one can take four paquetones, need to moderate health. Consumerism is bad for everyone, many for the family and the economy. "

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The "Rates Care" won him the Candy Crush

The "Rates Ok" serving for consumers to control their cell offers in supermarkets, reached sixth place in the ranking of the most downloaded free Android software ahead of the popular game, Twitter and Instagram.

The application, launched late last month, achieved this status in the weekly ranking Google Play-establishing the virtual store for Android applications, depending on the amount of downloads by users, while the similar "Rates Care" was ranked in 19th place.

Thus, "Rates OK" topped the ranking of the applications more downloads to the social network Twitter (ranked 7), the popular game Candy Crush (8th), the Android version of the social network of photography Instagram ( 9), a video call service Skype (14th), the messaging service BlackBerry Messenger (39 º) and the classic game Angry Birds (40), among others.

The first three positions in the ranking are occupied messaging service WhatsApp, Facebook and Facebook Messenger.

"Rates OK" was released in late January and to scan the barcode of any item to see if part of the agreement "Rates Care" established between the national government and supermarket business. With this function it is possible to distinguish between products with similar packaging but different prices.

It also allows you to find the items by name and see the participating merchants and denounce those who do not fulfill the agreement.

For its part, the application "Rates Care" - a seeker of prices of products included in the program-started in 19th place in the ranking of Play Store.

Like "Rates OK" does not require Internet connection to operate and lets sue the supermarket with the push of a button, if the prices displayed are inconsistent with the agreement.

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Mendoza adopted a Tucumán old

The 66 year old man is mentally retarded and calls her "Mom." They met when he was working swallow.

Giaquinta Mafalda is the protagonist of a story of solidarity that moves since adopted a man, 66, with mental retardation.

The native woman Mendoza told Cadena 3 in Salvador Acosta who met 20 years ago, when this man came tucumano with a crew of workers swallow. Remember that defended him ridicule from harvesters.

When the owners of the place became ill and he had to leave little room paid him, Mafalda decided to give a shelter on your property. But some family members feared the man was dangerous for her three children were still small and placed a complaint in court. Then a cousin gave Mafalda accommodation and when he died, he returned to his eternal journey from house to house in The Grove.

Mafalda helped him as he could, and on one occasion, he sought to give him a pair of shoes and found in a total state of abandonment. Thus, fearing for his life, he decided, with his new partner, new parents become Tucuman.

Salvador lives in the house with the family of Mafalda, who is "Mom", as specialists indicate that man has a mental age of 3 to 4 years.

"It's great, often get jealous of my children," said the woman on the behavior of her new son.

Also told: "The day I started doing the paperwork at the courthouse asked me if I could say 'mama' and I said yes."

"He was all right, too battered by life and maybe someone asks you a question and get offended," he said.

"You have to understand, he will remain a child," he said.

Mafalda noted that joint action is something that runs in the family. "My mother has done the same with other people and my dad took my house at a premium of 13 who was orphaned and did not want anyone," he recalled.

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miércoles, 5 de febrero de 2014

Israel and its coasts care with a launchunmanned

Drones in the air and water Katana, the leading aviation industry of Israel introduced this week a launch unmanned high speed, suitable to guarantee security on the coasts.
In addition to the autonomous navigation system, the boat is equipped with another shock prevention and several useful devices such as electro-optical and infrared cameras, radar and weapons systems, explained in a statement to Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI).
According to data revealed by this public company, the device is capable of successfully completing several missions, including the protection of exclusive economic zones, maritime boundary and offshore gas and oil pipelines. Missions as well as electronic warfare and surface water patrol.
Also, the device can provide real-time images for identification, tracking and classification of targets near and far. Katana can operate autonomously or by remote control function, as reported by Xinhua news agency.
"We are proud to introduce the newest member of our family of unmanned ground vehicles. This is the result of a development process still ongoing that lasted many years," said an executive of IAI.
However, this is not the first unmanned boat with which the Armed Forces have a country. The U.S. Navy already has the "Silver Marlin" Elbit Systems, a patrol vehicle, working in coordination with air support, can intercept and combat crimes at sea. The boat is equipped with communications systems, optical sensors and radars, and reaches 45 knots. It also has a cannon high firepower.
Below you can see pictures with the deployment of the main features of Katana

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Roberto Bonano: "Orion and the best ofArgentina Saja & q

Roberto Bonano, former goalkeeper of Barcelona, talk about Tata, Messi, selection and archers, it said.
Martino has a difficult task in which Barca is complicated, comes from South America and the office you are responsible Barsa champion out this semester that will define many things, but carries it well.
When Messi returned from his injury, I was very happy, "the best player in the world" can not score goals but it will come.
No doubt the selection Argentina has the best attack in the world, but the defense is much criticized, but insurance will shine in the world, especially Red.
Romero has little participation on your computer, but it is a arquerazo, Knight is very good although I would like to see him in the top three in Argentina are the best Saja Orion and a very high level.
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Luis Barrionuevo on K Government: "It will go before

The head of the guild of restaurant workers and a historical adversary of Kirchner, Luis Barrionuevo, referred to some statements by officials of the national government as Florencio Randazzo had yesterday (05/02) said that "not excite, not us before we go. " "If you are afraid to leave early, because insurance is going to go before" shot the union.

"The vast majority is thinking the sooner the better 2015, not to touch the bottom of everything," said the union.

"If Kirchner afraid to leave early because insurance is going to go before," Luis Barrionuevo launched on Wednesday (05/02). The reference was clearly to Florencio Randazzo yesterday (04/02) said that "you excite, that we will not go before."

Speaking to Radio Mitre, and after the president's speech last night, Barrionuevo referred to the economic crisis in the country and warned: "The vast majority is thinking the sooner the better 2015 for not bottom at all."

"There is an absent president," he added also.

Finally, Barrionuevo repeated once more his idea that the government will go before December 10, 2015: "You say that there is a confirmed Minister recontra confirmed and then end up going in this situation we are living, I'd say. the vast majority are thinking that the sooner (arrive) the 2015 is better for us to move forward and not touch the bottom of everything.

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