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Luis Barrionuevo on K Government: "It will go before

The head of the guild of restaurant workers and a historical adversary of Kirchner, Luis Barrionuevo, referred to some statements by officials of the national government as Florencio Randazzo had yesterday (05/02) said that "not excite, not us before we go. " "If you are afraid to leave early, because insurance is going to go before" shot the union.

"The vast majority is thinking the sooner the better 2015, not to touch the bottom of everything," said the union.

"If Kirchner afraid to leave early because insurance is going to go before," Luis Barrionuevo launched on Wednesday (05/02). The reference was clearly to Florencio Randazzo yesterday (04/02) said that "you excite, that we will not go before."

Speaking to Radio Mitre, and after the president's speech last night, Barrionuevo referred to the economic crisis in the country and warned: "The vast majority is thinking the sooner the better 2015 for not bottom at all."

"There is an absent president," he added also.

Finally, Barrionuevo repeated once more his idea that the government will go before December 10, 2015: "You say that there is a confirmed Minister recontra confirmed and then end up going in this situation we are living, I'd say. the vast majority are thinking that the sooner (arrive) the 2015 is better for us to move forward and not touch the bottom of everything.

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