martes, 11 de febrero de 2014

The "Rates Care" won him the Candy Crush

The "Rates Ok" serving for consumers to control their cell offers in supermarkets, reached sixth place in the ranking of the most downloaded free Android software ahead of the popular game, Twitter and Instagram.

The application, launched late last month, achieved this status in the weekly ranking Google Play-establishing the virtual store for Android applications, depending on the amount of downloads by users, while the similar "Rates Care" was ranked in 19th place.

Thus, "Rates OK" topped the ranking of the applications more downloads to the social network Twitter (ranked 7), the popular game Candy Crush (8th), the Android version of the social network of photography Instagram ( 9), a video call service Skype (14th), the messaging service BlackBerry Messenger (39 º) and the classic game Angry Birds (40), among others.

The first three positions in the ranking are occupied messaging service WhatsApp, Facebook and Facebook Messenger.

"Rates OK" was released in late January and to scan the barcode of any item to see if part of the agreement "Rates Care" established between the national government and supermarket business. With this function it is possible to distinguish between products with similar packaging but different prices.

It also allows you to find the items by name and see the participating merchants and denounce those who do not fulfill the agreement.

For its part, the application "Rates Care" - a seeker of prices of products included in the program-started in 19th place in the ranking of Play Store.

Like "Rates OK" does not require Internet connection to operate and lets sue the supermarket with the push of a button, if the prices displayed are inconsistent with the agreement.

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