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The drug did not party

The drug did not party

In Mar del Plata, the police managed to thwart a band that was going to sell narcotics in an electronic celebration in Villa Lugano. 25 people were arrested and were seized pills of ecstasy, LSD, marijuana, Crystal ACE and cocaine capsules.

The police of the province of Buenos Aires, through the illicit drug delegation of Mar del Plata, arrested 25 people who had large amount of narcotic drugs to be marketed in the Federal Capital.

The arrests occurred in this seaside resort, in calle Colón between Pampa and San Juan, as a result of a long-standing investigation, which allowed to establish that a group of people trying to move in a collective and a combi, all kinds of illegal substances to be consumed in a so-called electronic ASOT 650 party that in the night of Saturday in Villa Lugano.

After intercept vehicles in question, managed to detain 17 men and 8 women, elderly, seized those pills of ecstasy, micro doses of LSD, marijuana, Crystal ACE and cocaine capsules.

It is involved in the cause, the U.F.I. theme of narcotic drugs of Mar del Plata, carried out by Dr. Marcelo Blanco

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