miércoles, 5 de febrero de 2014

Roberto Bonano: "Orion and the best ofArgentina Saja & q

Roberto Bonano, former goalkeeper of Barcelona, talk about Tata, Messi, selection and archers, it said.
Martino has a difficult task in which Barca is complicated, comes from South America and the office you are responsible Barsa champion out this semester that will define many things, but carries it well.
When Messi returned from his injury, I was very happy, "the best player in the world" can not score goals but it will come.
No doubt the selection Argentina has the best attack in the world, but the defense is much criticized, but insurance will shine in the world, especially Red.
Romero has little participation on your computer, but it is a arquerazo, Knight is very good although I would like to see him in the top three in Argentina are the best Saja Orion and a very high level.

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