miércoles, 5 de febrero de 2014

Israel and its coasts care with a launchunmanned

Drones in the air and water Katana, the leading aviation industry of Israel introduced this week a launch unmanned high speed, suitable to guarantee security on the coasts.
In addition to the autonomous navigation system, the boat is equipped with another shock prevention and several useful devices such as electro-optical and infrared cameras, radar and weapons systems, explained in a statement to Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI).
According to data revealed by this public company, the device is capable of successfully completing several missions, including the protection of exclusive economic zones, maritime boundary and offshore gas and oil pipelines. Missions as well as electronic warfare and surface water patrol.
Also, the device can provide real-time images for identification, tracking and classification of targets near and far. Katana can operate autonomously or by remote control function, as reported by Xinhua news agency.
"We are proud to introduce the newest member of our family of unmanned ground vehicles. This is the result of a development process still ongoing that lasted many years," said an executive of IAI.
However, this is not the first unmanned boat with which the Armed Forces have a country. The U.S. Navy already has the "Silver Marlin" Elbit Systems, a patrol vehicle, working in coordination with air support, can intercept and combat crimes at sea. The boat is equipped with communications systems, optical sensors and radars, and reaches 45 knots. It also has a cannon high firepower.
Below you can see pictures with the deployment of the main features of Katana

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